Fraisier: strawberry cream cake

Today, I am going to share a cake recipe that is relatively easy but requires time to set. This cake should be made on a period of 2-3days before degustation. The reason is that the cake part needs time to absorb the delicious syrup.


– 500g of strawberries

– one génoise sponge cake recipe divised into 2 pans

– 1L of crème pâtissière

– 20 cl of syrup ( 20cl, 30g of sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract)


1. Place the génoise cake in a (round) baking panwith parchment paper under the cake. Soak the genoise sponge cake with half of syrup solution. Cover the cake with a plastic film and leave it overnight in a cold place.

2. 2 hours before cake building, Soak the cake with the rest of the syrup.

3. Cut 3/4 of the strawberries in half. Place them with the point of the strawberry facing down and the cut edge towards the baking pan.

4. Add crème pâtissière to the cake until half of the strawberries are covered. Then place evently on top of the crème the left over strawberries.

5. Add the rest of crème pâtissière on top of the strawberries. Push it well to fill in between the décoration strawberries on the sides of the baking pan.

6. Place the second syrup soaked génoise on top.

7. Flip the cake into a serving plate.

8. You can add à thick layer of fruit juice on top to make it look prettier.



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